Photo Alexander Zoltai

Photo Alexander Zoltai

Growing up as a dancer, musician, and youngest child in a family of athletes, intentional movement blended with music and physical challenge have always been a part of Nina's life. Intrigued by yoga and meditation from a young age, Nina had binders full of old print-outs of yoga postures and principles from her parent's dial-up modem connection in junior high school.

Nina has used yogic principles on and off the mat, from working with memory care patients as a music therapist to climbing mountains in the Canadian Rockies with her family. The opportunity to train and teach yoga has given an even brighter life to Nina. For ever inspired by the yogis in her classes Nina works to provide a space where students can be present and work to have a deeper understanding of their mind and their body. In her classes and in her personal practice Nina seeks to exist in a space where the line between artist and athlete has been blurred.


Weekly Classes


  Mondays 12:15PM Vinyasa at The Firm

Mondays 4:30PM Vinyasa 1 at the Minneapolis Bouldering Project

Mondays 6PM Vinyasa 2 at the Minneapolis Bouldering Project

Tuesdays 4:30PM Vinyasa 1 at the Minneapolis Bouldering Project

Tuesdays 7:30PM Free All Levels Vinyasa at Patagonia St. Paul

Wednesdays 7:15PM Vinyasa 3 at the Minneapolis Bouldering Project

        Thursday 5:30PM Advanced Vinyasa at The Firm MPLS

Thursday 6:45PM Restorative Yoga at The Firm MPLS

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Photo 2ndTruth Photography

Photo 2ndTruth Photography